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Sponsor & Exhibitor Signup 2023

Exhibitor Registration for VegFest Los Angeles 2023 is open!

Want to be an exhibitor or Sponsor for VegFest Los Angeles 2020 – Please fill out this form!

Exhibitor-Sponsor Application 2023
What Kind of Beverage Are You?
“Your Name’s [beer, wine, non-alcoholic hydration] Oasis” banner prominently displayed outside venue and an additional 2x3 banner on the Main Stage.; 10x20 booth space near your chosen venue or location of your choice (high visibility and traffic); Four on stage mentions on the Main Stage, including before the main speaker and headline band; One in-person announcement opportunity on the Main Stage; Prominent name or company banner on website with link; Prominent company banner on website with link Name connected with Oasis everywhere the venue is mentioned on the web site..;Lead exposure in news releases, social networking, and media interviews; Prominent placement of company logo/name on pre-event flyers, posters, print ads etc.; Company mention in radio publicity
“Venue Name sponsored by YOUR NAME” Banner prominently displayed outside venue and an additional 2x3 company/organization banner on the Main Stage.; 10x20 booth space near your chosen venue or location of your choice (high visibility and traffic); Two on stage mentions before sessions in your venue and two on stage mentions on the Main Stage; One in-person announcement opportunitiy in the sponsored venue in addition to one speaker/workshop session; Prominent name or group banner on website with link; Name connected with chosen venue everywhere the venue is mentioned on the website.;Exposure in news releases, social networking, and media interviews; Prominent placement of company logo/name PRINT MEDIA on pre-event flyers, posters, print ads etc.; Group mention in radio publicity. Food Sponsors who are Exhibiting at VegFest L.A. will also get the required permit, canopy, and other items required by the health department.
10X10 booth with canopy; 2 to 3 on-stage mentions on the Main Stage; Logo on website with link; Exposure in news releases & media interviews; Group name on pre-event flyers, posters, print ads etc
If you'd like to add an extra donation to your sponsorship please enter the amount here.

An End Corner Booth is one on the outside end of each long row.
We're Sorry but End Corner Booths are Sold Out.
An Inside Corner Booth is located on the outside of each smaller group of booths of each larger row of exhibitor booths. It's also known as a "middle corner."
We're Sorry but Inside Corner Booths are Sold Out
Food Exhibitors MUST have a Canopy - if you do not have one you will have to rent one. It is highly recommended that Non-Food Exhibitors have a canopy.
If you want a 10' x 20' space you will need 2.
If you are bringing your own and DO NOT need to rent a canopy please leave this box unchecked.
Prepared Food Exhibitors must have a 3 side walls. Prepackaged with open samples do not need walls as long as samples are in covered containers. - if you do not have them you will have to rent one (Food Trucks Excluded). If you are bringing your own and DO NOT need side walls please uncheck the box.
Prepared Food booths must use a mesh front cover - if you do not have one you must rent one for each 10' x 10' space (Food Trucks Excluded).
Non-Food Exhibitors - each 10 x 10 space comes with one 8' table - if you want more tables check this box
Food Booths (excluding Trucks) must have two (2) 6 foot tables - if you do not bring your own you must rent them.
Food Trucks - if you would like tables please order them here
Food Booth Tables must be covered with a non-pourus covering. If you do not have this we can provide. This is NOT a nice table cloth - just a plastic covering.
Health Department rules state you must have the name of the Proprietor and the address of the business posted on a sign. Check this box if you'd like us to make you one. You can keep it for other festivals!
This is not required at sign-up. You can decide on this later and contact us via email.
Gift Bag Donations - We will contact you about getting us your gift bag donation. We do not accept discount coupons unless they are valid for a free product. If you have questions about what you'd like to donate please contact us at info@vegfestla.org.
Enter Email
Confirm Email
Please upload artwork for ads, health permits, non-profit documentation, etc.
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB
Sponsors - please upload your logo so it will appear on the website!
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB
Sponsors - please upload your logo so it will appear on the website!
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB
Food Exhibitors! Tell us about your food! The more information you can provide the more likely better attendees will visit you. You don't have to fill this out when registering (now). You can log in later and ad this info.
Do you Have any Gluten Free Options?
Food Item 1 Gluten Free?
Food Item 2 Gluten Free?
Food Item 3 Gluten Free?
Food Item 4 Gluten Free?
Food Item 5 Gluten Free?

Sponsor/Exhibitor Contract – Please read carefully and Click the checkbox below

  • Towards Freedom reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product/service for inclusion in the event and does not offer exclusives to any exhibitors.

  • VegFestLA is a cruelty-free, earth-friendly, healthy event.  Sale, exhibition, or promotion of any item containing animal products, and/or products or materials tested on animals are strictly prohibited.  All items must be totally vegan and contain no animal ingredients such as meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy, honey, beeswax, silk, leather, wool, or gelatin.  Further, no Styrofoam packaging (e.g. cups, plates, etc.) is allowed.  Food/beverage/sampling material must be biodegradable and compostable materials.

  • A violation fee of $50 per occurrence will be applied to any exhibitor who sells products or services that are not vegan (ie: contains animal ingredients or was tested on animals.)

  • Exhibitor agrees to abide by all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, public safety, business licenses, sales tax permits, and applicable liability insurance, including liability insurance for food booths.

  • Cancellation.  Any exhibitor canceling or withdrawing from VegFestLA on or before 4/8, we refund you minus $50. If you cancel after that date, you forfeit the entire payment.  In the event of cancellation or no-show a half hour after the scheduled arrival time, Towards Freedom has the right to reassign the reserved space without any refund to the exhibitor. 

  • Towards Freedom requires all food and beverage vendors to support recycling/composting efforts by supplying products that are packaged in biodegradable & recyclable material.  VegFestLA will offer recycling & composting bins in an effort to be zero waste.

  • Towards Freedom encourages the use of organic foods & products as well as non-genetically engineered foods.

  • VegFestLA will go on “rain or shine.”  Towards Freedom will not be liable for refunds or any liabilities for the disruption of the festival due to reasons of enclosure in which the Festival is to be produced, being before or during the Festival, destroyed by fire or other calamity, an Act of God, statutes, ordinances or any other cause.  Festival Producers have the option to cancel the festival by April 14th and will return booth fees to exhibitors. Producer has the right to alter the booth layout plan at any time.

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited except in designated beer and wine garden of festival.

  • Towards Freedom reserves the right to expel any exhibitor without refund for violation of any of these guidelines.

  • All exhibitors must arrive and check in at the park NO LATER THAN 9:00 am the morning of the festival.  Exhibitors arriving later than 9:00 am may be charged a $50 fine and may lose their assigned exhibitor space. Food Trucks must arrive and check in no later than 9:30am the morning of the festival and be set up and ready to serve by 10:30am. As always - EARLIER IS BETTER THAN LATER.

  • Exhibitor Parking - Exhibitors will park in the Woodley Park lot across the street from the park.  Parking will be free provided that your car is parked there by 9:30 am.  You will have to pay for parking in that lot if you arrive there after that time

  • Exhibitor/Vendor agrees to indemnify, save, and hold harmless Towards Freedom, including its officers, staff and volunteers, and the City of Los Angeles (Woodley Park), from all liability, claims, causes of action, damages, theft, injuries, costs, expenses and losses to any person or goods/property arising out of or connected in any way with the participation and renting of space at the Festival.  Exhibitor agrees that this release is intended to be a full and final compromise and release of any claims, demands, actions, and causes of action, known or unknown.  Towards Freedom its officers, staff, and volunteers will not be responsible for any merchandise, cash, displays or personal items/property lost, damaged, or stolen during participation in VegFestLA.  Exhibitor/Vendor is solely responsible for any and all injuries to persons or damages of property or any other injury, claim, damage or loss of whatever nature, arising directly or indirectly from activities at the Festival.

  • Towards Freedom reserves the right to deny sale of items that have not been listed on the application.

  • Exhibitors agree to permit photographs and video to be taken of them, their volunteers and their booths at VegFestLA, to be used for the purposes of promoting and advertising the event.  All photographs/video footage will be the property of Towards Freedom.

  • Exhibitor agrees to promote their attendance at the festival.

  • Though shared booths are permitted with advance approval, only 10x10 booths may be shared by two businesses/organizations. 10x20 booths may not be shared.

  • Cell Reception.  Cell reception in the park can vary depending on cell carrier and exact location.  We recommend having a back-up method for accepting payment that does not rely on cell reception in case you experience coverage difficulties.  We will have ATMs on-site so that customers can have access to cash to pay exhibitors for purchases.

  • Food Booths Only – Los Angeles County regulations require all organizations and companies who provide samples of food, prepare food, or sell food to obtain a Health Dept. permit for the day (we get this for you).  Further, they require that all such vendors have a 3 or 4-sided booth with a canopy and floor as well as water and washing facilities.  The permits are required for all food vendors even if just sampling or selling items straight from a package. Please call if you have any questions. All vendors must meet all the Health Dept. standards and pass any necessary inspections.  Please note that a booth rental includes Park Fees, Fire Inspection, Toilets, astroturf flooring (except for trucks), mandatory Health Dept. fees and permit, and name listing on the website.  Food vendors can only be considered for a "Pre-Packaged Booth" if you are selling straight from a pre-sealed package or container in which there is no cutting, other preparation, etc.  Food vendor applications must be received six weeks ahead of the festival in order to secure time to get the required health department permit and meet other requirements. It is the responsibility of the Food Exhibitor to make sure they fill out the Health Department Form correctly are fulfill all the requirements required by the Health Department concerning the filing for the Health Permit.

  • Food Booths and Trucks Only - We have a Fast Pass system for attendees who donate larger amounts to the festival. Your participation in the Fast Pass program is mandatory. You will receive more information on the Fast Pass system. The simple version is you offer a special line where Fast Pass Holders can go to the front and order ahead of other people in line.

  • Your booth location will be pre-assigned to you and you will receive it upon exhibitor check-in. You will not be able to switch from this pre-assigned booth location!

  • All exhibitors must plan their displays to stay within their booth boundary and not extend into the walkways. Exhibitors who extend their displays, products, or any of their booth set-up outside of the allotted 10x10 or 10x20 booth space will be asked to leave immediately.

  • Non-food booths CAN NOT give away or sell anything for human consumption!

This agreement states the entire contract between, Towards Freedom, and the Exhibitor.  No changes will be valid unless agreed to by both parties in writing.

Exhibitors - You will receive an email once you click submit but your registration won't be complete, nor will you receive a second "confirmation" email, until payment is made.

Sponsors - your registration confirmation will be sent with instructions for payment.