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The New Oasis Beer/Wine/Hard Cider/ Hard Kombucha Fest!

This year we’re changing things up a bit.  We’re opening up the Oasis to include more companies and make it more like a BeerFest!  We’ll also have Wine and JHard Kombucha!  You’ll be able to purchase full pints or sample pours so you can taste a variety of Beers, Kombucha’s, Wine and maybe more!  Keep checking back to see who is signing up!

If you are a beer, hard kombucha, or wine company and want to participate – please fill out an application – Click Here!

The Oasis is located in front and to the left of the Main Stage offering a prime location to view the action.

Here’s who is coming as of right now:


Modern Times Beer


Hard Cider

Hard Kombucha

Boochcraft --- CHECK OUT OUR MENU!

Organic Craft Brewing DBA Local Roots Kombucha

Have a Meetup group and want to schedule a meet up at VegFest Los Angeles – Go to our Meetup Group page and set it up!

Please RSVP on our Facebook page! Click Here!


Check out our VegFest L.A. Supporter Packages – one includes the Oasis Gift Bag Package – beer glass, 1 drink ticket, an overloaded goodie bag, and a “Fast Pass” lane line at the food booths and trucks and the the Oasis bar!  Click Here for more details!