What is VegFest Los Angeles?

VegFest Los Angeles is a magnificent day filled with food, fun and inspiration. The combination of a delicious vegan international food court, great live music, empowering speakers on health, environmental, humanitarian and animal topics, kids’ activities, animal adoptions, an eco-marketplace with over 150 vendors, and more, make for an an unforgettable earth-friendly experience that is sure to be enjoyable for all!

What's the Parking Situation?
You can find us pretty easily – Search for Woodley Park on Google Maps or Waze – drive North of where that takes you until you see the festival.  We are located on Woodley Ave. Just south of Victory Blvd. and about 1 mile north of Burbank.   

An address that’s will take you there is 6076 Woodley Ave., Encino, CA 91406 – the official Park address is 6350 but that doesnt get you right to where we are.

1) We have a parking lot!  It’s across the Street from the Festival and a little bit north (closer to Victory Blvd.).  There Will be signs and people directing traffic.  Parking $10.  There is one entrance off of Victory but when you get to the parking attendants it branches into five lanes for you to pay.

2) Handicapped Parking.  There is Handicapped Parking (limited) at the festival itself.  If you follow the signs to Handicapped Parking you will see it.  We try to save as many spaces as we can for Handicapped Parking.  Getting there early is key!

3) There is free parking on Woodley Ave.  Please read the signs as they are new since last year.  Do not park on the center median!

4) We highly recommend parking along the Metro Orange Line Hight-Speed-Bus route.  If you’ve never taken it before it’s just like the Metro but they decided to make them busses instead of trains.  There are three Stops with with large parking lots within a few miles of the Woodley Ave stop.  Taking the Orange Line is less expensive than our parking lot and you may avoid long waits for the parking lot.

To the West there is the Balboa Orange Line Station just south of Victory Blvd. and two lots at the Reseda Orange Line Station at Reseda Blvd. and Oxnard Blvd. – one on each side of Reseda Blvd.

To the East there is a massive parking lot at the Sepulveda Orange Line Station.  It’s not right on Sepulveda but you can find it using a map app.

5)  We also highly recommend taking Lyft or Uber to the park.

What sorts of Speaker or Music Venues do you have?

We have a few venues dedicated to speaking and music.

  • Main Stage – amazing live music and celebrity speakers.
  • Vegspiration Tent – speakers, discussions, and displays about health and all things vegan.
  • Learning Kitchen – cooking demonstrations about healthy, simple, tasty and fun recipes.
  • Mind-Body-Space – a place for guided yoga, meditation, flow and more.
  • Kids’ Kingdom– storytelling, face painting, crafts, hula-hooping, chill-out fort, and children’s entertainers and other activities!
Will there be an ATM There.
Yes – we will have five or six ATMs this year!  One will be near the Merchandise Booth near the entrance and the rest will be scattered throughout the park by the food and non-food exhibitors and one in or near the Oasis Beer and Wine Garden. We still suggest bringing cash with you to the event.  Most of the exhibitors will take credit cards as well these days.  The Oasis Beer and Wine Garden (Sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company) as well as our Merchandise Booth will take credit cards.
Will you have Animal Adoptions?
Yes! Dogs, cats, rabbits and lots of animals looking for good homes!
Am I allowed to bring my pet to share in the day?
Pets are not allowed except for service animals.

We are so sorry to say that due to strict Health Department regulations and liability issues we are unable to accommodate your pets (even on-leash) at the event this year. We are all animal- lovers and this is really disappointing for us. If it was possible for us to have them, we would! However, you can still get your “dog-fix” and all the dog-licks you can handle by visiting the many adoptable dogs from rescue organizations that will be available at the festival.  Service animals are allowed.