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General Exhibitors can choose 5amps (at a cost of $45), 5-10amps (at a cost of $75) 10-15amps (at a cost of $110), 20amp circuit ($140), 30amp circuit ($180).  If you need more than 30 amps please use the calculator on the application to figure out your electricity costs.  Please contact us if additional electricity is needed.  The different pricing levels take into account that high-draw devices may need separate circuits.

This is a green powered festival.  All exhibitors, food vendors and stages are powered by either solar energy or some other green source.  In order to minimize or eliminate power outages that affect the entire event exhibitors and vendors need to be prepared to provide the list of appliances and the required amps. Please include this information in your application or when asked by Exhibitor Coordinators.

We must know of your electricity needs before the festival as the power is set up ahead of time.  Because of this there may not be enough power to upgrade your needs on the day of the festival.

We encourage you to look on the appliances or cooking apparatuses that you intend to bring to identify your booth’s electrical needs.

Food Vendors: We recommend that you use natural gas powered appliances or barbecues when possible.

Below is a list of typical amps requirements of various equipment.  Please check your equipment for your specific needs.

To convert Watts (what you may see on the bottom of your electrical device) to Amps use the following formula

(maybe we can insert the calculator here instead)

Watts / 120 (Watts divided by 120) = Amps


15 Fryer

12 Microwave

7.5 – 15 Coffee maker

4 –  14 Rice cooker

6.5 Range burner

5 Chafing dish heater

4.2 Warmer

4 Blender

2 – 3.5 Crock pot

1.5 Computer with 17” CRT

1.5 Computer with 17” LCD

.5 Laptop

2 42” LCD Television

1 32” LCD Television

.5 19” CRT Television