Ingrid Newkirk
VegFest 2018 Speaker

After a childhood of moving around the world, and volunteering to help everyone from animals to sick, homeless and orphaned individuals, Ingrid Newkirk has now been President of PETA for more than 35 years. She is also one of the original co-founders of the organization. Additionally, she has served as a deputy sheriff, a Maryland State law enforcement officer, the director of cruelty investigations at the second-oldest humane society in the US. and chief of animal disease control for the commission on Public Health in Washington, D.C.

Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, force to entertain us, or abuse in any way. This is a clear message, that much be carried out in many different ways. Some organizations only address animal rights in one or two ways. PETA addresses animal rights with a campaign for virtually every type of animal abuse. Their Go Vegan campaign focuses on easy ways to make delicious vegan food, where to find it, and often features samples, or demonstrations. Their campaigns also cover abuse within the entertainment industry, animal testing at universities and specific companies, fashion campaigns, and tourism where horses are used to pull carriages, or elephants are forced to give rides.

It would be ambitions to tackle one of these campaigns alone as an organization, but PETA has gained such momentum and support that they have effectively been able to dedicate their efforts to fight animal abuse from every angle. Though PETA has been known for their controversial tactics, it is impossible to deny the enormous impact this organization has made within the animal right community. Ingrid Newkirk’s strong vision for saving animals has made the organization’s name known by the entire world. Celebrities from around the world have joined in with these campaigns as well, helping create visually stunning outreach images. PETA has even started sub-organizations like PETA Latino, peta2, and PETA Prime.

To learn more, come see Ingrid speak at VegFest Los Angeles 2018. Admission is FREE! The event is May 6th from 10:30am – 6:30pm.  6004-6076 Woodley Ave, Encino, CA 91316. Other speakers this year include Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary and Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd! There will be live music, vegan food from 50+ Booths & Trucks and The Oasis Beer & Wine Garden! Kids Kingdom is open for children and Mind Body Space is available to anyone wanting to try Yoga, breathing, and other methods of self-care. VegFest LA will also be hosting pet adoptions for animals from shelters who need a loving home. Visit for more information, and RSVP to the Facebook event page HERE.