Ed Winters, also known as ‘Earthling Ed’ is one of many speakers this year at VegFest 2018. He has been a strong voice for animals and has become a force of nature by dedicating his entire life to spreading the positive elements of veganism with the world. His activism includes discussing the ethics of eating animals, and helping new or curious vegans to make a healthy transition.   

Despite shedding light on topics which are often taboo, Earthling Ed has managed to build a career out of his activism. To do this in the most effective way it is important to consider your activism as if it were a profession. He will not hesitate to explain his beliefs and have a healthy conversation to discuss the impacts of animal agriculture on the planet. His approach to activism is simple, fight your battles with kindness and love.

Earthling Ed is currently touring in his ‘Big Vegan Activism Van,’ screening an original documentary, giving speeches, and supporting local activism by attending events. He also works with SURGE and The Save Movement. Now, let us take a closer look at what these organizations do, and how Earthling Ed has made such an impact on the animal rights community, and the world.


Surge, one of Earthling Ed’s many projects, is a creative grassroots animal rights organization. They focus on different types of public demonstrations, outreach style events, art, films, and community building campaigns. They organized The Official Animal Rights March in 2016. The following year they released the documentary Land of Hope and Glory. Around the same time they created and launched a campaign based on his ‘Big Vegan Activism Van.’


Earthing Ed is also an organizer for The Save Movement. The Save Movement is not simply one group, it’s comprised of different groups all over the world. This includes the Toronto Pig Save, all of these groups bear witness and raise awareness to farmed animals literally on their way to slaughter with large groups, and vigils. The Save Movement also provides easy access to a variety of resources, including diet transition help, cooking classes, and a list of great films to watch to start learning more about animal rights and humans impact on our planet. There are currently over 200 groups between the UK, US, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, and South America. Go to to find more or learn how to get involved.

VegFest LA 2018

If you’d like to learn more about Earthling Ed, visit Also, come visit us at VegFest Los Angeles 2018. The event is May 6th from 10:30am – 6:30pm. Admission is FREE! 6004-6076 Woodley Ave, Encino, CA 91316. Califia Farms is an official sponsor of this years event, and we’re excited to join forces with Earthling Ed and other speakers including Ingrid Newkirk of PETA, and Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd. There will be live music, vegan food from 50+ Booths & Trucks, and The Oasis Beer & Wine Garden! Kids Kingdom is open for the little ones, and Mind Body Space is available to anyone wanting to try Yoga, breathing, and other methods of self-care. Also, VegFest will even hosting pet adoptions for animals from shelters who need a loving home. Visit for more information and RSVP to the Facebook event HERE.